Heart Consciousness - The Experience

In this experiential workshop we go deep into the embodiment of an entire New Earth paradigm of thriving natural abundance in every area of life, in alignment with the rhythms of higher-dimensional Gaia.

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Here's what you'll experience:

If you’ve participated in a workshop with me before you’ll have an idea what to expect; if this is new for you, expect to experience a beautiful nourishing, uplifting and catalytic space jam-packed with powerful and immediately actionable information that will shift you to the level of self-actualising in your divinity.


A 2hr workshop where together we:

🌟 Explore the magic of what has opened up and is available to us right now cosmically to create glorious new realities of joy and thriving for all beings through the power of consciousness

🌟 How you personally can tap into this power and live it in your own life to create a life of beauty and magic for you and your family

🌟 The future of where we are going as a global community of lightbeings walking hand in hand to a new tomorrow for life on Earth

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